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  1. javiervm

    Crop tool and random auto close

    I hope solve the problem. Is a greate information know that in the forum is popular problem :)... So thanks @Chris B
  2. javiervm

    Crop tool and random auto close

    Greate is a general problem not is my iPad is the app. So thanks for help me with this. Have a nice day!!!
  3. javiervm

    Crop tool and random auto close

    The problems I have with iOS 12 in my case is a same. And you have problems with the crop tools? I try return to iOS 12 with clean installation. So thanks once again.
  4. javiervm

    Crop tool and random auto close

    In any moments and most case use noise reduction the app crash. I try not use this tool. So thanks.
  5. The problem is with the Crop Tool, if you select the option absolute dimensions and chose any resolution the app can’t scale the select resolution, for example if you have any file with 4000 x 3000 px with 300 dpi and you chose 800 x 600 px the app should show small square into the picture with 800 x 600 px, but the square leaves the area of picture by a large number of pixels. The Random close happens in any moment you work with RAW files in RAW Persona I use a Nikon D7500 and my device is a iPad Air 3Gen and app is a Affinity Photo 1.7 for iPad IMG_0021.MP4 JVM_0732.nef IMG_0020.MP4

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