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  1. Thank you Haakoo for this. I do not understand why it didn’t work with copy and paste. Seems to work with placing though. Thanks so much for your help. I will remember to do it tat way next time.
  2. Thanks Haakoo for your help. This is the logo I created in Designer. I then copied it into a Publisher master page. I used the master page to create pages and some pages stayed like this but others looked wrong. It looks fine pasted separately onto each page and removed from the master page. it is annoying having to do it this way though. Clonk logo.afdesign
  3. I tried re-mastering the pages having re-imported the logo but this didn’t solve the problem sadly.
  4. No the logo was created in Designer and copied and pasted into Publisher. There are no effect layers. Now I have placed the logo onto each individual page there is no problem with the rendering. It was only when on a master page it caused the problem on some pages, not all.
  5. Hello. Any ideas? I created a logo on a master page and then created pages using the master page. Looked OK but after saving, closing and reopening the file, some of the pages looked like this (2nd picture) and saved as a pdf like this too. I spent ages re-doing the master page but it didn't solve the problem. I had to place the logo on each individual page in the end. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Is it a bug and if so please fix it ASAP?
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