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  1. Hello, I am a new user. Working on my first photo and when I export a jpeg using the "Best Quality" preset, my image has these strange large pixelations that are not present in the original. It is also happening when I export a Tiff. However, pdf export correctly. Files are attached. I am working from a RAW photo taken on Sony A7s. Help would be greatly appreciated. I am thrilled with the app so far aside from this hiccup. Hanalei Pier.tiff Hanalei_Pier.pdf
  2. I pasted all the layers into a new document and the issue went away. Must have been something with how that document file was working on my computer specifically. Thanks, Guys!
  3. Yes, it only happens for me with this one file. It is the first file I made after installing the program. All the pictures I have edited since do not exhibit this issue. Maybe its a fluke?
  4. I went into the file and deleted or combined all the adjustment layers so there are a lot less. I did an Export to Jpeg (Best Quality) and here is what I get:
  5. Ok, I see. I had the issue exporting a Jpeg. How would you convert the file to Jpeg?
  6. Ok, so PÅ¡enda, you were able to export the photo properly with all the adjustments, or did you turn some of them off that were unnecessary?
  7. Ok. here is how it turned out this time. Could it be an adjustment that I made? .afphoto file attached. Thanks for your help! Hanalei_Pier.afphoto
  8. Ok. here is how it turned out this time. Could it be an adjustment that I made?
  9. Can anybody help with my issue?
  10. Sure. Attached is the original fileDSC07264.ARW. I am using a Mac. Here is a screenshot of my computers specs.