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  1. Here's a comment I accidentally posted on a different thread earlier with a .dmp attachment: I found what may have been the problem. I have a spread that I use to manage all my vectors (logos and symbols), some of which I turned into symbols in the designer persona so I could make global changes to colors if needed after using multiple instances of those symbols in the document. I tried copying the contents of the entire spread from this document to a new clean spread and the program immediately crashes. So I switched to designer persona and opened the symbols panel and deleted the most recently created symbols. The vectors are still in my document, but the most recent symbols are no longer in the symbols panel. After deleting the 3 most recent symbols I was able to save the document. Seems that the problem started after importing the table, even though the file was already saved after creating and modifying the symbols, so I'm not sure what happened since then that caused the program to crash. The symbols that caused the problem are 3 round green vectors. Unfortunately, I'm still seeing random occasional crashes, possibly during autosaves, but I am able to save my document now. Attached my latest report 4713aef3-127b-4af9-be0f-41619cdce7d6.dmp
  2. I believe so, yes. And that pinned image (a vector) was also a symbol. I haven't pinned any images since I recovered the file, but I also recall combining some shapes in one of my symbols before experiencing the crash. Not sure if that could have caused any issues. I was frustrated with the pinning process (the white LIFT logo near the beginning of the document, but once I got it to sit where I wanted it I haven't moved it since (before the crash). If I recall correctly, I unpinned it and never tried to pin it again. Deleting the symbols, including the one I was trying to pin, is what eventually got the file working again for me.
  3. I built a table in another publisher document. I needed to pull that table from the old document (created on artboards) to a new one (created as spreads). The new document crashed after 300 seconds (during the autosave) and I chose to open the recovery, which had no edits done up to the attempted autosave. I re-embedded the table, adjusted the size of the table to fit into my smaller spread, and everything works fine until the program tries to autosave or until I attempt to save manually. I've tried: 1) Save As to rename the document 2) Deleting the table and everything associated with the table (paragraph and character styles, table formats, the table itself, content within the table's cells) 3) Deleting non-system fonts that have nothing to do with the project 4) Converting the table to curves 5) Opening the publisher file in Designer Persona Only 6) Splitting the table into sections 7) Clearing all contents and style of the table to default table settings 8) Restarting the computer 9) Saving the document to the desktop or another location My computer is a 30k workstation with plenty of ram, cpu and graphics processing. I'm exporting a crash report It seems I can no longer modify this file unless I manually copy all the content over to a clean document with the exception of the table itself and the spreads span over about 90 pages. 2fb92aa6-3692-4eee-8516-5cd1d8a016a2.dmp
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