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  1. @Aad Slingerland @stokerg thank you for your help. @stokerg I owe you a beer (or beverage of your choice) - It was Power Tools, I downloaded it for the 'fancy windows' feature and didn't pay attention to what else it offers. Thank you so much - I can do it on purpose now!
  2. Hi there, Every so often, with Affinity open in the background - when I go to type something a 'colour picker' will follow my mouse around (see attachment). I am thinking I must be accidentally hitting a hot-key. This time I was partway through the phrase 'Bank Statement Categorisation', the box appeared at 'Bank Statement Cat'. Does anyone know if this is a feature of Affinity Photo - or could it be another program? I am on a Windows 10 machine. Thanks a lot. Kind Regards, Kamal
  3. Old Bruce! You came to my aid again, thank you. I do indeed mean guides, I was not aware of the guides manager - it's a couple more steps but that will work for me (I suppose I could create a shortcut to the Manager?). I have attached a guide on how it was achieved on the other software below - hopefully, this will clarify what I am trying to accomplish. Thanks again for your input. TAD
  4. Hi all, It's so niggly but I hope there is a solution. In another photo editor, when I pulled down a ruler from the top, I could hold down 'Alt' and the ruler would flip axis - this was very helpful when working quickly as I didn't have to move all the way to the other end of the screen (a lazy man's problem, I know). Also, I would be able to delete individual rulers, at the moment in AP I have to drag them off the canvas (I'm not talking about hiding rulers) Any fixes? Thanks a lot TAD
  5. Hi Bruce, Yea, you hit the nail on the head. Thanks for the clarification, I did it with a calculator in the end TAD
  6. Hi all, How would one go about measuring the length of a curve or alternatively draw a line of a set length and then use the node tool to curve it without distorting the length? Many Thanks TAD
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