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  1. Hi Callum, Thanks for your prompt answer. I've been quite busy so I just took a look at your suggestion. The thing is that I'm not able to even see the window you mention because as soon as I click the "New Batch Job" option from the "File" menu, Affinity quits immediately (see the attached video). I've run out of ideas to solve this issue; so any other suggestion will be much appreciated. Affinity_Crash.mov
  2. Hi, I have a Mid 2015 15 inch Macbook Pro running the OSX 10.14.4 and Affinity photo 1.7.1. I've been experiencing some immediate crash issues since previous Affinity Photo 1.6.6 whenever I tried to launch a batch job (won't even show the first dialog window) and the same happens if I try to saved a recorded a Macro. Application just die without further information, just quits immediately. A few months back I heard about the new release (1.7) so I just waited for it to come out hoping this new software release will solve this weird behavior. But some far no luck at all. I've run some basic "troubleshooting" procedures such as uninstall/re-install, update software version, update OS version; but still any luck. Any ideas of what can be the cause for such annoying behavior?