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  1. When I create a character style with font and attribute and click OK, it disappears from the drop down list when I exit or open a new document. Is there something special you need to do to save the Style? I'm using Windows 10/64 bit and Affinity 1.7.3. Please advise, thank you
  2. I believe I've got it figured out...thank you all for your suggestions.....
  3. This is a screen capture from Affinity of the file I'm working on. It is an old newspaper clipping from 1926. I'm trying to remove the black text at the top, but instead of pasting the brownish background color, it pastes a darker shade of color. The cross-hair is at the top about a quarter of the way from the left side.
  4. I'm trying to use the Healing Brush but it's quit working. I've have cropped a JPEG file and I'm trying to use the healing bush to remove a portion or the image. When I hit Alt-Click I get the + mark, but when I try to bush over the area nothing happens except the bush cursor and the + mark move around on the area I'm trying to fix. It worked before. Also when it was working some of the healed area was darker than the source. Any explanation what might be the problem?
  5. Does Affinity Photo have an equivalent tool to the Photoshop Elements Auto Smart Fix, Auto Sharpen, Auto Levels and Auto Contrast?
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