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  1. Alienx

    Unable to load LUTs

    Status update: Using iPad OS 13.1.4 and Affinity Photo for iPad 1.7.3, the LUT issues I had are resolved. I can load LUTs.
  2. Alienx

    Unable to load LUTs

    Just downloaded the latest iOS version of Affinity Photo. I am on iOS 12.4. The LUT problem is still there, unfortunately. Neither infer, nor load .cube file works (it’s grayed out as in the previous version). By the way, what is the difference between loading and inferring a LUT?
  3. Alienx

    Unable to load LUTs

    I choose adjustment LUT, then load, locate the folder containing .cube files either on iCloud or Dropbox. The files are grayed out. How do you do it @Ulysses?
  4. Alienx

    Unable to load LUTs

    Hello. Just acquired AP for iPad and have the same problem. I can’t load .cube files neither from iCloud nor from Dropbox. They are grayed out, cannot be selected.

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