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    Hi Each time I attempt to activate the LUTS Adjustments button the document that I'm working on disappears,, Affinity Photo freezes with a grayed out screen, and has to be closed down via the End Task function of the Task Manager.
  2. aavishkar


    Chris, thank you for all your advice and encouragement. It is much appreciated. Walt, I have installed 115 LUTs (80 from Olivio Sarikas, and 35 from Rocket Stock). I take your point that loading LUT previews is computationally challenging, but it would be nice if the issue could be resolved by Serif.
  3. aavishkar


    Voilà!! Your last observation is spot on. In my case it took a little over seven minutes (i7-8550U, 16 GB, GeForce® MX150 with 2 GB GDDR5), but at the end of that interminable wait the LUTs loaded. I'm sure that you will agree that this is a great impediment to efficient workflow, and so I would appreciate if you could being this bug to the attention the the developers. Many thanks Douglas.
  4. aavishkar


    Good morning Chris I followed your suggestion and installed the Beta. And, yes, I am able to load the LUTs (at least the pre-installed ones). Question - is there a way for me to delete the LUTs that I have installed in the paid version? (BTW I also installed LUTs from Rocket Stock, besides the 80 LUTs I purchased from Olivio Sarikas) Perhaps this would remedy the problem? If it does, I could reinstall the RS and OS LUTs and that would give us insight into where the problem lies.
  5. aavishkar


    Hello again Chris I followed your advice, but without a positive outcome. Now I have returned to a grayed out screen when I click the LUTS button. This is very frustrating as I spent time loading LUTS purchased from Olivio Sarikas, and I am in the process of going through the exercises of the Workbook (see attached screen shot).
  6. aavishkar


    Anybody has any suggestions, or am I to assume that the LUTS function does not work? The screen shot is from a few minutes ago. The only difference from last week is that the screen does not gray out.
  7. aavishkar


    Hi Chris I followed your suggestion and can confirm that the crash occurs with the following file formats - .afphoto, .png, .jpg, and .pdf. Douglas.
  8. Greetings I've just purchased and downloaded 80 LUTS. Is there any way that I can install these LUTS en masse rather than one by one via Add Preset? Hoping to save some time so any assistance would be appreciated.
  9. aavishkar

    Loading LUTS

    Hey Mike I've downloaded another 32 LUTS in addition to the earlier 80. So, that is going to be a lot of Cappuccino!! But thanks for the information. Have a great weekend.
  10. Greetings Patrick Many thanks. My problem was a case of novice operator error. Have a great weekend. Douglas
  11. Most of the advanced typography functions are not available to me in Publisher. The only functions accessible are Figure Positions and Capital.
  12. Hi Callum Thank you for the welcome, and your responce. It is with all fonts, I'm afraid. Douglas.

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