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  1. ....until 'progress' (pause for laughter!) means that the next Windows update stops the now abandoned PagePlus from working at all.
  2. Maybe I'm being a bit over sensitive this morning but I'm disappointed to feel that that seems to be about the closest I've had to 'get stuffed' from any company I've been using for 20 years or so. As is the decision to not include the means of opening legacy documents in the Affinity range, in my opinion. I never learn, keep buying stuff and not using it. What a pity, never mind.
  3. I was a buyer of all of the legacy Serif products for decades, constantly upgrading and as an amateur user of them found that they satisfied my needs. Continuing my career as a serial buyer I've bought Affinity Photo, Designer and now Publisher but I am very disapointed to find that in producing these products the company has completely ignored the legions of people who supported them in the past as Publisher (in particular) does not recognise the old Serif PagePlus or DrawPlus files which cannot, it appears, be imported. I guess I've wasted cash upgrading to the latest products as I am forced to continue using the legacy products to access my existing files?
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