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  1. Excellent! I exported in a different PDF-Standard with layers and it worked! How would I change the color space of the embedded element? Thank you!
  2. Sure thing. I'm just as confused as you are. Thank you! Visitenkarte - Cleaned.afdesign
  3. I got to the point that you were describing. I removed the curves from the embedded layer and placed them on a separate layer of the main .afdesign file. I then filled the curves with the "Globale Farbe 3" color you used in your example. I still, however, after exporting don't get the same results.
  4. Hello and thank you again! I'm losing my mind! I'm opening it in Adobe XI Pro and I don't see any layers! If I do go to Print Preview it does, however, show me the color you added. I think it would be super helpful to see the .afdesign file. Thank you so much! Edit: you were referring to the layers in your .afdesign file, that's where my confusion stems from. i just figured that out
  5. I'm really sorry for being inexperienced.. Your screenshot looks great and I read your response like 4 times now, but I'm lacking the experience to fully understand it. Would you be able to give me a play-by-play runthrough the nessesary steps? Thank you JSR*
  6. Definitely, thank you for your help! Visitenkarte - Cleaned.afdesign Visitenkarte - Cleaned.pdf
  7. Hi everyone. I looked through the forum but wasn't able to find a guide on this one. Here's my issue: I'm creating a business card for printing through an online printing company. There's a special effect we want to add (partial clear paint for a special haptic). This effect requires the document to have a separate layer with a fifth (additional) solid color (Volltonfarbe) besides CMYK. I did find the funtionality to add global colors, did check the box for "Schmuckfarbe" and "├ťberdrucken" (very important for the effect) and assign this color to my shape. Once I export, however, to PDF/X-3:2003 and i run the file through Adobe XI Pro Preflight, there's no "├╝berdrucken" and no "Volltonfarbe" detected. I've been trying different things and googling the issue since yesterday, but haven't had any success. If you need anything from me for better analysing my issue, please let me know. Thank you so much! JSR*
  8. SOLVED. Running all programs "as administrator" (right-click) once solved it for me.
  9. Hello everyone. I'm struggling with the same issue. All programs purchased at the same time and installed at the same time. I've tried the mentioned fixes, restarted the system multiple times (in between, before, after installation), reinstalled from freshly downloaded files, then followed this procedure: all without success. I'm beginning to think that maybe my issue is that i'm working on a workstation? I'll attach the specs. Is there hope for me? Thank you. JSR* DxDiag.txt
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