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  1. Hi Dan, Thanks for the suggestion. This solution Affinity Publisher offers is a little bit awkward, but it worked. But how would I solve this problem: I want to print a kind of birthday card by folding a sheet of paper A4 twice to get a 4-page card A6. Please see the two attached pdf-files. (Red dotted line A = first fold, green dotted line B = second fold) How would I do the printer setup in Affinity Publisher? (Good old Corel Draw offers a very simple solution for that in their page layout setup) Folded Card 1.afdesign Folded Card 2.afdesign
  2. Is it possible to print multiple pages on one sheet of paper? I want to create a leaflet of 8 pages on 2 sheets of paper size DIN A4 folded in the middle. So each sheet of paper has 2 pages on the front and 2 pages on the back. Or a greeting card with 4 pages on one sheet of paper folded twice. "Corel Draw" offers such layouts in their layout setup. I would like to have this in Affinity Publisher.
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