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  1. Really? That's such a shame. The process of doing that manually is a HUGE time-consuming issue for me. I hope there is some way of generating them within Adobe Acrobat then or I will have to ditch Affinity Publisher and go back to PagePlus
  2. So, in the old versions of PagePlus X8 and X9, I could Insert > PDF Bookmarks automatically, by choosing which text styles were in which part of the bookmark hierarchy. So Heading 1 would be a main bookmark, and Heading 2 would be a level beneath it. When I exported to PDF (and ticked the Include bookmarks tickbox), I'd get all the bookmarks in my PDF no problem. I can't find this functionality within Affinity Publisher. Can anyone please point me in the right direction?
  3. Hi there, Is there any way to import or copy over a number of pdf profiles I use in PagePlus X9 (.PDF_Profile), into Affinity Publisher without redoing them all? Would be great to import table styles too... I have a ton I really don't want to have to redo! Also, any .ppp import support forthcoming? Many thanks,