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  1. Excellent. That means other people have also been frustrated by this behaviour. Perhaps this will motivate Serif to fix it :-)
  2. In that case I have to wonder why exporting from a JPEG does NOT add an entry to the History panel. (Not that I am advocating that it should :-)
  3. This is an irritation that I hope is easy to fix. When I export an image the current project is marked as 'modified', so when I attempt to close the project I am confronted with a 'file has been modified' dialog. To reproduce: Open a TIF (not a JPEG) image file (File | Open) Export the image as JPEG (File | Export...) See that the TIF is now flagged as 'Modified' Close the image (File | Close), and see that I now have to save the 'changes' This gets irritating when I am working on many images. Thanks for listening! Kerry
  4. This one should be dead easy: I just want a 'Close All' menu item so that when I find myself with many open images I can close them all quickly, rather than having to do it individually, or having to restart Affinity.

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