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  1. Ok, well for now then I figured out that I can export to a TIFF and use the free Adobe Color Printing Utility to print the document...
  2. Thanks MEB, Just to clarify, this isn't the beta of Affinity Photo, but the paid version of Affinity Designer. So, I assume the revamped print dialog hasn't been applied to the commercial release of Designer? David
  3. Hi, I just downloaded Affinity Designer (purchased) and I'm having trouble printing on my Epson 4900 Pro. Nowhere in the Document Setup or Print dialog does paper source come up as a choice. I want to print on letter paper on my Epson 4900 and it keeps defaulting to roll paper and won't let me print. There needs to be some way to specify paper cassette or manual feed, but I don't see it. In Photoshop, there is a choice for paper source. With Affinity Designer, even if I change the paper source on the printer, Affinity Designer always puts it back to roll paper. Help! Thanks! David
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