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  1. Thank you. Turning off controlled folders solved this problem
  2. When I initially installed Publisher I initially saved files to a network disk (another PC on my home network). Saving files was fine and is still fine when saving to this network disk. However, if I now try to save a file (even a blank document I just opened) to anywhere on my local C disk I get the warning message C:\Users\john\Documents\test file.afpub File not found Check the file name and try again
  3. Yesterday I went back and played around with the PDF options until found something worked. Unfortunately the file was 30M. The original file is no longer available but probably not an issue since there are plenty of other complaints about web pdf not working I don't understand the various PDF formats and quite frankly I am not interested in spending the time to figure it out. I never heard of "ligatures" until yesterday when a club member (ex-university prof) who had seen the newsletter suggested this maybe the problem. I spent a lot of time and effort over the last two months to understand how to use the new software and also re-create the Pageplus newsletter format. I have tried to use affinity photo effects (light/shadow and haze) but they didn't seem to work either (they do something but don't produce anything I can use) Next month I will use Page Plus and Photoshop. I am not a professional. I just need something that works. Maybe I will try it again in 12 months time.
  4. This month was the first time I used Affinity Publisher for the monthly newsletter I produce. It can be found here https://bmwnorcal.wildapricot.org/resources/Documents/August 2019 newsletter for web.pdf Although the PDF looks fine when viewing with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, when viewed with a web browser every time "ff" appears in the original document it is replaced by a single "f". It is a motorcycle club so on page 2 for example there are many references to "off road" which is replaced by "of road". On page 3 "Affinity" is replaced by "Af inity" and "stuff" by "stuf" One of my readers has complained that In a full version of Acrobat Professional X, the double f is rendered as two blank spaces This is extremely embarrassing and there is nothing I can do right now A second point which has been raised many times before is the inability to attach a URL to an object such as a picture. You will note that the newsletter is filled with adverts. In PagePlus with a web PDF, clicking an advert provided the reader a pass through to the advertisers web site. This newsletter relies on advertiser revenue to pay for the printed version. This click through is deemed important by the advertisers. I am assuming this will be fixed soon.
  5. Up the time the problem was experience I had been saving the .afpub files on a network drive - either Google Drive or or the drive connected to another PC on my home network. Today I tried to save a afpub file on the C disk of my laptop. Using either save as or save I got the error message "file not found". Tried changing the file name to include a full directory address and the same thing. I was however able to save the file to Google Drive.
  6. Running on EL 1352 (without dedicated graphics card). AMD Athlon 11 x2 3.1 G. Latest Windows 10. I do have a flash drive Can open a table OK, (12 x2 ) but when I start typing into the cells my machine slows down and I hear fan on the CPU running flat out. The more cells the slower it gets. It is unusable. Every thing else I have tried in the 4 hours I have used Publisher (text frames, picture insertion etc) seems just fine John

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