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  1. Hi, stokerg: Before I start, let me say excellent software release. Longtime Serif user (i.e., free 51/4 floppy days), your company has come a long way pilgrim. Q2: DAH! EZ. Anyway, I've enclosed a screenshot of what I mean; maybe a great feature for future upgrades? Obviously, with 133 pages it would be an undaunting task to make corrections to this pdf!
  2. A couple of quick questions: I imported an MS Word10 pdf file with over 130 pages with "minor" problems. a. Numerous words are missing space bands. b. Upon editing the above text, the justification on the line blows out the right margins. c. It seems that any hyphened words get "spelling error" underscore. Q1: Are there any "quick solutions" for the above a-c items, since this is a novel that I'm trying to reformat so that it looks nicer. (These errors are extensive.) Otherwise, the conversion is on the money! Great presentation on Publisher today! Q2: Is Publisher able to import raw MS Word10 .docx files? Or is that on the "wish list?"