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  1. No, I couldn’t open the file or move it. I was only able to delete it. It has happened to several image files. When it does, it will either write over another image file or go black. If you are not paying attention, it will overwrite another image file and you won’t know it. The overwritten file just disappears. Thus, causing me to loose all my work plus the one it overwrites. If I try to open it, it will give me a ‘Loading Error’. I didn’t notice this problem prior to Apple’s last iPad OS update a few days ago. *** Just added a screen shot of where one image was overwritten by another, creating a duplicate image and destroying the image overwritten. The clocking icon contiues until I restart Affinity Photo or delete it. I noticed that this happened while I was exporting (saving to my photos). I appreciate you working on this as it is a serious issue. Thanks, Jerry
  2. This is a VERY serious bug! I spend an hour editing an image and save it..... I work on another image and save it.....then it over writes my previous saved image or the Thumbnail goes black. I try to reload image and it tells me “Error Loading”. I completely loose all my work!! This is NOT good!! Presently, this Affinity Photo App is not very usable or reliable. I noticed this problem right after updating my iPad Pro OS 13.1.2. Please put a priority on this. Thanks, Jerry
  3. Gabriel, if you have a utility app that will monitor my iPad memory while using Affinity Photo, I will be happy to use it in order to help out with this issue. Also, I would be happy to use a Beta version of this app if you would like. Thanks, Jerry
  4. I am sending you a screen print of my Affinity Photo settings page as well as my iPad Pro memory page. Also I am attaching another print of the clocking issue. In reading the comments in your forum, there are several other users of this app with the same problem that I have. You said you tried my project on your old iPad Pro...... how long did you use it? Did you use inpainting, cut & pasting & placing images from the cloud? I can be using the app for an hour or two before it starts screwing up..... it hardly ever does it right away. But once it starts, it does it quite a lot. In as much as it takes a bit of use to start the clocking issue, to me, indicates a memory management problem. Perhaps the stack memory gets full and it just grinds on and on trying to find storage??? I do not recall this issue prior to the last two version updates. Thanks, Jerry
  5. Attached is one of several files that was clocking indefinitely. It will do it periodically and at no specific time or reason. It happens to other images as well. I truly believe It is a memory management problem with the app. The problem appears more frequently when doing a lot of inpainting or cutting and pasting images from another project. Thanks Jerry File_that_had_clocking_problem_.afphoto
  6. Enclosed is a screen print of the ‘clocking’ problem. I am using an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. The memory of the iPad is 512 gb. I have the same issue with my iPad Air 2 with 256 gb of memory. Please fix this problem as it is very frustrating. Thanks, Jerry
  7. I tried to create and close 3 blank documents while the edited image was clocking..... all 3 blank images clocked as well. Had to terminate the app to get them to quit.
  8. I have not noticed this with a blank document. As I normally do not exit a blank document image. The size of the canvas is 2000 pixels square. It will continue to clock indefinitely ( I have waited as long as 10-15 minutes) and I cannot get back to work on that image unless I terminate the app. And when I do terminate the app, most of the time, it will loose the changes that were being saved. I have not found any fix for this problem other than terminating the app. This is very frustrating and seams like a memory management issue with the app. Note: this doesn’t happen every time I change to a different image, it happens once about every 4-5 times of exiting an edited image. Thanks, Jerry
  9. On my new iPad Pro, When changing to a new image after an image update, the previous image will continue to display the clocking icon indefinitely. I am unable to re-access this image again until I close the Affinity Photo App and re-start it to get the clocking to quit. This also happens on my iPad Air 2 as well.
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