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  1. @Meteo could you add these instructions to https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=17927
  2. I just wanted to comment on some of the previous statements. - Linux is for nerds: this is not true and is a general (pretty offensive) sweeping statement. I have friends who say they cannot use linux. But in each case I've found it was simply familiarity and effort they were not willing to make (usually reflected in other aspects of their lives as well). - Its not a good biz move for affinity: Madness, this designer application for linux issue has been going on for decades if they filled that void they would be rolling in it. - Support headache: This is the idea that there are so many linux flavours that it would be impossible to support. Snap apps are trying to fill this void and many, many independent software makers who make complex software for next to no income, make versions that work across linux platforms. How to move forward. It seems this convo has reached an impasse where affinity likely just ignore new posts, and if they mention it in a meeting all the senior people at serif kick off :D haha As I see it there are two ways to move forward with this. 1. Affinity starts work on provisional (prospect) linux version transparently and gets the community involved. Why not talk to canonical. They would definitely have an interest in supporting serif. 2. Start a project separate from serif with donations to start work on supporting the wine version, or indeed wrapping the windows version with a snap app to give users ease of use. donation money == good developer resources.