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  1. Update: I got Designer. I can also open my project in Designer and paint the line in right there. There was some weirdness going on, as changes from one App did not show up in the other right away (after saving to iPad). I think I needed to closed and reopen the projects. I also got worried and created a bunch of copies in between - so Im not sure what the most efficient workflow is yet. But, bottom line: I was able to open my file in Designer, do what needed to be done and reopen it in Photo.
  2. Oh...that is quite a round about way of doing it. But I guess that is what I’m going to do then. Thanks Jörg
  3. Hi, can I create dashed lines in Photo? If I google for it, everything I find is about the Designer, not Photo. I’m having a hard time believing this can’t be done though. Thanks, Jörg
  4. Thanks! Locking the layers is what I needed.
  5. Hi, thanks for the answer! As to the game design aspects: I‘m redesigning an existing card that is well known by all players. The text needs to be legible in case a detail needs to be looked up, but in general you can assume that any player would see „Kuhsyuk“ and immediately know the card‘s effect by heart. I like the idea of starting with some picture of glass. I looked around and found some Photoshop tutorials for how to make/keep glass transparent. I‘ll try to adapt it to Affinity. Also ... getting the light right will be quite difficult for me. It‘s really difficult for me to imagine what I want and then create it just like that. But well...practise is the point of this exercise. Jörg
  6. Hi, I’m new to this kind of software, so I’m trying some practise projects. One being to design a playing card for a game I play. The card has text that I want to put on a broken glass pane. In Photoshop I was able to achieve what you can see in the attached picture. I’m now recreating this in affinity and wonder: How would you approach creating an effect like this? I’d like to try various approaches, so I can learn from them. In Photoshop I created multiple transparent rectangles with various effects that I then masked (e.g. to “paint” light in). I’m not 100 % happy with the result in PS either. I’d be happy to learn to do this better. Jörg
  7. Hi, I’m currently trying to get into the software. I’m playing around with a little project to get the hang of the basics. One issue: There are lots of masked layers stacked over each other and moving them in the right space is quite fiddly. What happens all the time is that I want to drag and drop an object...and when I touch the screen, I select another one by accident. Is there a way to select and object and tell Affinity Photo that I do not want to change the selection by touching the screen? If there isn’t I’d rather never select antyhing by touch than going on with the current behaviour. I’m using the layer stack for that most of the time anyways. Is that an option? Thanks Jörg
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