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  1. Hi, Sorry, I've been browsing the forums for a while now, but I can't figure out how to set the hyphenation to Dutch. I _think_ I need to add these files (screenshot attached), but if that is the case, where? Many thanks in advance!
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    Hmyes, so how do I install ‘nl_NL.aff’ and ‘nl_NL.dic’? (working on a mac, btw, sorry, forgot.) Thx again in advance.
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    (Edit: oops, I'll first try Alfred's suggestion) Ah, yes, I think I was advised to download those and then move them to Affinity's resources > dictionairies, but I can't find those maps … I'll put it simpler: is there a way to add Dutch to the character > language > hyphenation scroll down menu?
  4. Hi, I've been using Publisher for some weeks now, it's great, ordered it, can't wait. I do keep running into this (see att. screenshot, no hard returns cause lines to run into each other). It doesn't always happen (of course). Call me stupid, but I have no idea what's going on. Anybody? Many thanks.
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    Leading (I think) question

    Ah, yes! Though I've read about why it's set up this way – and it seemed sensible – some things are still a little confusing for me, sometimes, going cold adobe turkey. This helps. Thanks!