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  1. 1) Photos have been imported from Ricoh GRii to iPhoto. 2) On Ricoh's, when you shoot JPEG+RAW in black and white, the JPEG will be black and white but the RAW will always be in color. 3) From there I am attempting to import a black and white photo to Affinity. When viewing the photo library to select which photo I want to import, the black and white photo appears black and white and there is the RAW icon in the bottom right the photo. 4) I then import the photo but it will only appear as the color RAW version. 5) How do I import the JPEG instead of the RAW?
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    Importing photos from iPhotos

    That's a good suggestion. I would need to see how it compares to the Ricoh GRii's black and white effect, as that is largely what the camera is known for. I believe I found my answer on another forum, however. Affinity only allows the import of a RAW if it's a RAW+JPEG file. If Affinity sees this post, this is a big pain point for workflow. I hope you guys allow users to choose RAW or JPEG during the import of RAW+JPEG files.