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  1. Perfect! Thanks so much!
  2. You can always tell a new user, a flurry of basic questions. So onto scaling issues. I use a Silhouette cutter, with AI there was a plug in so you could cut directly to it. So scaling was never an issue, draw it up, send it, done. Even saving the artwork as a svg file, opening it in the dedicated Silhouette software was no issue, with regards scaling. An object which is drawn up at 25.47mm x 11.83mm in Affinity is opening in Silhouette as 3.02mm x 1.40mm. And nothing I do so seems to make any difference. What am I doing wrong? I've added some screenshots to assist, working my issue. Thanks.
  3. Cheers gdenby, exactly what I was after. Nigel.
  4. Cheers for the responses. I found the alignment tool, which is the same as AI. What the outline does is different. In that if you draw a circle for instance with a line of 3 points thickness. Then apply the outline tool to that circle. You will get an inner and outer circle. Where to tool has now drawn two circles around the outline of the original one. If that makes sense.
  5. Hi everybody, I just purchased Affinity Designer today, as I'm looking at moving from AI. I mostly produce stuff for vinyl cutters, and one of the tools I use a lot in AI is the outline stroke tool. Is a comparable tool in Affinity? And whilst I'm asking stupid questions, is there a trial version of Affinity Photo available for the Mac? Thanks.