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  1. "... Try it with 300+ page documents. Fun..." Ha,Ha, Better 4 x 75 than 1 x 300! You know, this doesn't make sence because of the zoom-factor to try this with such a large document! That was never my intention. Half an hour ago, I' ve finished a presentation file in PagePlus and: YES, I used this option to arrange four renderings on a page, copying picture frames from one page to another, comparing their postions and dimensions, view-angles, secuences etc. This is my workflow...
  2. I'm not the only one. I've just found an older post from Aug.2018 called: Multiple page view missed DEFI
  3. Hi Fixx, this feature allows to jump from one page to another. I didn't know it before, thanks. But when I choose: "zoom to all" in a multi-page document, all pages are still in a vertical row. For example: In a document with 16 pages, AfPub shows 1 single page in the horizontal row an 16 vertical. I would be glad to arrange the pages, like it was possible in PagePlus (4x4 or something else...) DEFI
  4. Hi, ther is still a diffence. in the preview-area it work, but not in the main-window. I'm an old freehand user. It's a long time ago, but there was no limitation (in both dimensions), how many pages could be shown at the same time in the main-window. PagePlus was limited to show only four in a horizontal row, but that was enough to arrange pictures ans pages too!
  5. I often need this feature in PagePlus to get an overview, for example, to arrange the order of pictures :-(
  6. Hi, there is still a difference: In AP all pages are shown in a vertical row, in PPlus I can arrange the pages, for example 5 pages: 3 in the first horizontal row and then 2 pages in the second. Please take a look at the attached screenshots.
  7. I'm missing a multi-page view option (showing several pages on screen a the same time). In Pageplus, there was such a feature implemented (Option: show 1x1 to 4x2 sides on screen) I can't find such a function in AP? Is there a possibility? I really miss it! Thanks DEFI
  8. Oh Sorry, my fault! I meant Affinity Publisher
  9. I'm missing a multi-page view ( showing several pages on screen a the same time) In Pageplus, there was such a feature implemented (Option: show 1x1 to 4x2 sides on screen) I can't find such a function in AD? Is there a possibility? I realy miss it! Thanks DEFI

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