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  1. Great. Thanks. I will go ahead and purchase one and try it out under the 14-day money back guarantee.
  2. I work for a design agency that uses the Adobe CC suite (mainly Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign). With the constant increase in pricing and changes in membership from Adobe we are ready to "cut the cord". The Affinity product offerings look like they would be a great alternative. I would like to install and test the trial, starting with Illustrator alternative Designer. But the trial install won't work. Some weeks ago I installed it but didn't get the opportunity to test the product before the trial ran out. Business is slow right now and this gives me a great opportunity to reinstall and try it out. If the product meets our needs, we will convert all the desktops to Affinity software. I was told by Affinity to wait until the 1.7.1 update came out last week which should allow for trial reinstall. I've done this and still cannot re-run the trial. Here is what I've done: Uninstalled the original Affinity Designer - Downloaded and reinstalled Affinity Designer 1.7 - Got a message stating the trial had expired - Uninstalled Designer 1.7 - Installed 1.7.1 - Got the same message about expired trial. How can I install and run any of the Affinity product's under the trial after having installed them previously?
  3. I downloaded and installed Designer 1.7.1. Upon running the program, it still states "Your trial has expired". I clicked the button "Unlock with product key". Entered the email address and download number. Still can't run the trial. How can I run the trial? We'd love to test and hopefully be able to cut the cord at our office. But I need to test the software before taking such a big step. What can be done so I can run the trial again? Thanks!
  4. Great! I'll wait and try it then. Thanks DWright!
  5. How can I run the Designer software trial when I had the software installed previously. Not trying to get something for nothing. See below... I didn't see this when doing a search. The design/marketing firm that I work for is looking to "Cut the Cord" from Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I installed 7-day (I think) trials for both and didn't get a chance to try either before the trial ran out. I've heard great things about Affinity Designer and being able to open and edit our's and client's AI formatted files and not having to relearn a whole new piece of software. Thanks in advanced for any help.