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  1. I use a Macbook Air. So an iPad will not be showing this, they behave differently. I guess it's something to do with the graphics base of the system. Using metal is preferred over OpenGL for what I know about Apple. Strangely the deault setup used OpenGL and not Apple's metal.
  2. Strange. But... issue resolved after changing performances preferences from OpenGL to Metal. Now files do open. Changing back to OpenGL and files do not open. So I expect it to be some sort of rendering issue? Anyhow, I use a MacBook Air Mid 2013 with latest Mojave iteration. Maybe this helps in finding out the cause? Thanks, Anna MacBook Air Mid 2013, MacOS 10.14.6beta, 4GB, Intel HD Graphics 5000 HP Elitebook G2 1040, Ubuntu 19.04, Wine, 8GB iPad 2018 128GB
  3. Whenever I create a new file with a Word-document text placement (over 60 pages), I can save and save as the resulting file. After closing the file or closing Publisher I cannot reload those files as Publisher crashes on reloading or opening the file. It does so with edited and unedited files. See enclosed bug report for details. I run Macos Mojave latest version, Dropbox and pCloud in the background and no other system tools or apps. I think it has to do with the file that's saved as a file saved with a copy-paste text in stead of imported docx file does reload without issues. Also after editing. Seems docx text flowing is not yet working as expected. Both bug report and the resulting file are attached. bug report.txt Regenboogjager onbewerkt.afpub
  4. Thanks. It was clarified by MEB from Q/A Support. Great help. It works like a charm. Working on a 500-pager right now. No issues.
  5. A BIG thank you for this! So it can be done. Wonderful! First response was that this would not be possible, but it seems it is. Absolutely bloody marvelous! Someone suggested me this (which is basically a bit like what you described but more tedious): "Create a page of the required size. I use A5 just for example, Select File -> Place and go find the docx file. Click on that. The cursor changes to a circle with a down arrow in it. Sort of. Cute litte cursor anyway. Position that inside the page boundary and click. It pulls in the document file. Move it so ti within the boundaries or margins what ever. Then, near the bottom right you will see a beam type cursor appearing, Hold the shift key down and click that right arrow near the I-Beam and presto, the document flows into and auto creates, the pages. The options are in miniscule print right on the bottm of the working screen, over near the left a bit. Very hard to find and see. But as you can see. It works. So this mich just be the companion to Scrivener that a lot of people need." I prefer your suggestion which is plain and simple. Thanks again.
  6. Dear Affinity developers and users, As a professional writer/publisher I need a facility to easily import large amounts of text in text frames. And with automatic page / text frame generation dependent on the amount of text and default or imported font size. It is impractical to import all text into one frame and create pages manually, create text frames and link them all together to have text spread over the pages. Imagine a 500 plus illustrated novel. That's almost 100.000 words and numerous paragraphs that need manual di- text frame creation is availablestribution over the frames. Totally unworkable and that means that without such a facility Publisher is not an appropriate publishing solution for publishers. Of course this is different for illustrated works with little text, but a DTP solution is about publishing, not about page design alone. So how about this scenario: - text import is available - page creation is available - text frame creation is available - text frame connection is available Then, please just automate the lot in an auto page/text frame and text distribution feature allowing imports from Word, OpenOffice, plain text and Scrivener (this last one would be a nice extra). If there is some sort of scripting possible it could even be scripted. We need a proper and feasible workflow! Without this Publisher will not be workable for publishing of text books like novels, scripts, scientific work, etc. Hope to receive some response on this as I would hate to trash a nice software package days after it's release. Cheers, Anna A. Ros www.woordenstorm.nl