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  1. Describe the problem Weird issue when exporting PDF with embedded Font Awesome. I am using Affinity Designer for exporting. Illustrator works fine. Here's the weird part, it only happens on one of my PCs. Works fine on the other one. Have a look below on screenshots. The other PC with the same OTFs installed and same software Affinity Designer exports it just fine. It seems like some weird encoding (Custom vs Identity-H). What did you expect? I would want PDF font embedding working correctly. What version and implementation are you using? Version: 5.3.1 OS: Win10 Affinity Designer: Reproducible test case Affinity Designer on Windows. Bug report checklist Reinstalling Affinity Designer Reinstalling Font Awesome fonts Clearing Windows 10 font cache Preview & info This is PDF font info generated with PC 1 Preview: And this is PC 2 where it exports just fine Preview: Thank you in advance.
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