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  1. Thanks for tip, but it is still a workaround, there's always in my work cases where grouping could be a tedious work and not so easy as this one with monkeys. I think adding those select modes is still relevant, it would significally speed-up Designer's workflow. I guess it's not so hard to code it but it's only my wishful thinking ;)
  2. I can't import in Designer SVG made in Blender. The only way is importing those SVG to Inkscape and then import to Designer. monkeys-unsupported.svg
  3. Just try to select one monkey - it's nearly not possible or there's option that average user can't find it because it's not mention anywhere. I think shift-selecting should only add, not intersect selections. Or there should be options in context menu for "add", "subtract" etc. monkeys.mp4 monkeys.svg
  4. From my perspective it sometimes works, sometimes not. ☹️ Edit.: Only way to fix this is separating each curves and joining maxium two curves. Joining is not working with more than two curves. Designer_Join_Segments.mp4
  5. Thanks for explanation. So in the end Affinity Designer 1.7 it still can't join nodes. I know it can be hard to code but honestly - it's the basics of working on bezier curves. Is there a hope to make it better in 1.8 or can someone from Serif say for example: "we're working at that" / "it's not possible" / "we'll make it in 1.8"? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzXG2tpqhnc
  6. I understand but I want to make this shape to have symmetry line on nodes so "close curve" would not work I as wanted. If I remove unnecessary nodes it would break the shape silhouette. Strange thing is when I use "Merge curves" it is not possible to join nodes. Designer_Curve_Merging.mp4
  7. Thank you! Close curve is not working (in this example) as I wanted because it's making only connection between nodes and there's still two nodes, one on top of other. But using divide solves the problem. Designer_Join_Divide.mp4
  8. I've been reading all posts about merging, joining etc. and there's no clear answer and no one shows how to make it working. I've been strugling with this two years - why two nodes are not joing when we click JOIN ACTION? It's more like roulette, sometimes it is working, sometimes not. Is it a bug or is it intentionally to work like that? Designer_Joining_Nodes.mp4
  9. I think there should be bigger area for double clicking on stroke color circle. It should be same as for fill - whole circle (with inner, hollow area) should be clicking area, not only narrow ring as it is right now. Bigger area would be more comfortable and faster than precise clicking on small ring. Designer_Click_Area_Color.mp4
  10. 1. Delete segment of shape It's not handy to break curve and delete one node - especially when node you want to delete is covered by another. There's workaround (like nudging one node by 1px) but it's not fast. 2. Select all nodes in shape Working with imported drawings that have many shapes with hundreds nodes and selecting them or extracting is really painfull. It would be great just to select one node of one shape and click "Select all nodes" button.
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