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  1. To be honest, I am not sure. I might have declared my document as CMYK in the photo application. Thank you for pointing it out. It was helpful. I was able to avoid a black frame when set a printing profile to PDF/X-3:2003. Really strange. I have to be careful next time; wasted a lot of ink testing.
  2. Hey Thomaso, Thank you kindly for your reply. 1. The aphoto file I posted I was experimenting with different scenarios while exporting to png format. The CMYK version in Publisher file it was my mistake when I was setting up prior images. I will re-export the PNG in RGB and see if the Publisher accept it. Chris
  3. Hello, I have exported a png image from Affinity Photo and Photoshop. After placing them in the Publisher file (version 1.8.3) I have exported them into the pdf format using print ready present with PDFX/4 option selected. The images are being printed with black box. I think it is a bug in the software. I have attached the original projects. cab_test2.pdf borelli_cabernet_high_res_glare_fixes.afphoto borelli_cabernet_photoshop.psd test cab background.afpub
  4. Hello, I am not sure what happened. I tried to add to the existing publisher file a jpg by dragging with a mouse or using 'place' command. Both times the application quit. I created a brand new file and the application worked. not sure what could cause the problem. Chris publisher-error.rtf
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