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  1. Thanks to it, but you first have to know that you have to go on persona in order to change the background color, at Affinity Photo you can start immediately, so it would be good if you apply this function in both programs Photo and Design because you should have the basic functions The two programs did not have to relearn . Thanks for Respone Claudia
  2. Hello. in Affinity Photo i can easy fill the Backround with fill, but when i go in Affinity Designer of fill and click on White backround dont fill the backround. Then I tried to open a new level and fill it with color without success thanks I work with Testversion, It is often a limitation of the test version??? I have all last Updates of Windoes 10 Home
  3. Hello, EPS is not decreed in directional direction if I make it smaller gets the EPS (picture) way too thick poor picture 1 is original, picture 2 is AFFinity is not correct, picture 3 is Magic web designer here it is perfect thanks

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