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  1. yusss.. Now it's working fine after changing the color profile of windows color management to sRGB IEC61966-2.1 Thanks @Wosven
  2. I checked everything is the same in both apps. you are saying there's usually a popup. But I couldn't find any. All that I am saying why they don't use the same color profile by default, all the software are using. I don't want to argue what is good or bad. Just tell me if anyone knows how to fix it. the color profiles are the same
  3. @walt.farrell are you seriously asking this Question? @Wosven But why? I don't want to change color profile every time I open Images. SOftware now in this days try to make peoples life easier. & you are saying every time I open an image in the A Photo, I have to check 1st the color profile or compare it by opening the same image in other software. I think they can use a popup that gives the user a hint that the color profile has been changed or something like that. I don't want surprises like this. Every software must show the file in the original format. Unless I change it myself. Every software shows the file in the original format. but affinity shows some yellow tone with it. This is the first time I use it to try affinity & this happen. XD. Thank you for your reply guys.
  4. Check the attachment. Default color difference between two apps. Why is this happening?
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