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  1. SergeyZhdanko

    Broken layers behaviour in a group

    So what about Adobe Photoshop? They claimed that compatibility is enhanced in the new version (import/export). Seems like desktop Affinity Photo and iPad versions are compatible, but .psd files are very limited, at least with layers in groups (usually I have very extensive edits with dozens of layers and groups). It's like 2 weeks on a new version and still weird for me to work like that. Ok, thank you guys for your response!
  2. SergeyZhdanko

    Broken layers behaviour in a group

    Try to add couple adjustment layers in Adobe Photoshop, then group them. You will see that result is completely different. Then export .psd file and open with AF 1.7 version. Grouping in PS is for organizing purposes (as it should be). Clipping is different. I am talking about grouping layers. If I want to target specific layer with adjustments, I am using clipping, it is basic knowledge. If I want to organize color edits (curves, dodge and burn, color balance) then I am using groups.
  3. SergeyZhdanko

    Broken layers behaviour in a group

    What to do with organising then?)) Color adjustments, dodge and burn, color grading and so on. It wasn't a thing in 1.6 version. Because I have projects started in 1.6 and after update those edits looks wrong. Also, you can do the same in Adobe Photoshop (group adjustment layers) and it will be correct no matter what. This is not a feature, it is a bug. Try to make this in PS and then open psd file in AF on iPad. You will see that it is wrong. If I want to target adjustments to a specific layer, I am using clipping. But groups is only for organising purposes
  4. Version 1.7 - Completely broken layers behavior in a group - everything that below pixel layer is not working. For example add curves, add pixel layer, add curves, then group this three layers. First curves layer (bottom) will not work. Sometimes all adjustment layers in a group will not work (not just below pixel layer). Same order but no grouping - no problem. Small UI - on 10.5’ it is hard to navigate with fingers, small circles for width/opacity/flow/etc. There is no visible left arrow at the bottom when using any tool (near left circle), but I am constantly triggering it and instead of changing brush size I am about to 'continue last' and 'pick color'. Please, only right arrow is needed at default view. Please add option to use original filename when exporting.

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