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  1. Just hold two fingers on screen instead of one. After drawing around nodes lift fingers to select the nodes.
  2. Node tool no longer selects multiple nodes holding down 1 finger. Tap node selects hold down 1 finger tap second node this node is blue filled while the other is deselected. if node is smooth changes to sharp. Update screwed it all up.
  3. Had to post here because all other options grayed out. Node tool issue, when using one finger and tapping node tool does not select the second node it just changes to sharp node. Anyone else have this issue. Worked before the update how can I roll back on ipad pro.
  4. Node tool no longer selects multiple nodes when using 1 finger and tap. Just changes node to sharp node. Anyone else?
  5. Hi, also seems as though magnifier tool disables node tools function to select multiple nodes? Anyone else
  6. Hi, node tool not selecting multiple nodes when holding down one finger. Converts smooth node to sharp.
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