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  1. Thanks for the input. Still, it's a deficiency and it's isolated to the curves layer. Others, like Levels do not seem to be affected nor any other I've seen. The point being, there's either something to fix or a "switch" to be set that'll solve the problem. Tom
  2. Can't tell if it's a Photoshop thing because I don't have anything else to make Photoshop files. For sure, there isn't a setting preventing editing. Tom
  3. When I open a .tif file with a curve layer in Affinity Photo, the curve profile is not there. The curve layer is there but no curve. The same file opened in Photoshop has the curve. When the file is opened in Photoshop and immediately saved as a .psd file, then opened in Affinity Photo, the curve is there. .psd files seem to work in Affinity Photo but not .tif. Other layers in this .tif file seem to be unaffected such as Vibrance--they work fine. A Levels layer works fine as well. Only seems like a Curve Layer problem.
  4. I'm new to Affinity. Apologize if this has already been covered but I couldn't find with a search. My .tiff files do not retrain the curves saved on the file when opening in Affinity. When opening the file in Photoshop, works like a champ--i.e. there's the appropriate curve. When opening in Affinity, there's the curve layer but no curve--seems like all the other layer elements like masks, vibrance, yadayaday are perfect. When opening with Affinity the exact same image saved as a .psd, opens perfectly--i.e. there's the appropriate curve. Any thoughts? Tom
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