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  1. You are right about my bad practice (misuse) of artboards in this case. I was doing it all time and it was working (but was messy while exporting main pages of the doc), but now I will switch to slices instead. If there is no any troubles on your side then the case is closed. UPD. Now I remebered why I resigned from using slices. I need the exported image having a bigger resolution than the one I have in affinity file. Any suggestions on that? UPD 2. That's fine. Will export x2 images.
  2. I've made a copy of the page (attached) with the issue, but it doesn't work there nither. The main artboard is exported well, but the one named HRJ provides a blank image on export (test.jpg). sample-file.afdesign
  3. Hello, Context Version 1.7.0 Existing project. New artboard. Exporting to png, jpeg. Result The exported file is blank. When trying to export from artboards created before the version 1.7. it works perfectly.