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  1. Thank you. Do you suggest that I move all images I want to use to one new folder, f.e. named Brochure.. ? Do I have to import them into the file of publisher or just place them individually one by one from the new folder?
  2. Yes. It is loading. Now, all the images are gone. How do I proceed? Replace all of them and embed or just link them? And yes, the images are low resolution now
  3. OK. I reinstalled the software. I saved the file as a new doc - nothing works. When I open the document everthing is wite and it says loading - then it stops and says no response. It seems that I have to start from the very beginning. so all of my work (as a newbee) is gone.I dont know what else to do now
  4. Thank you all so much. I give it a try again and do some correction work. I have so far uninstalled the publisher and restarted the computer. Now I will start again. Hopefully it works now better. Thanks
  5. All my pictures and texts are not shown. Please help what to do now? Should I start from the very beginning? What is the reason for? It takes by the way very long until programme is starting. Thank you for your immediate help. Regards Preise_Arrangements_Tagung_Hotel_Lamm_2020_Lay2.afpub
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