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  1. Hello. I use a tutorial file from an older Affinity Designer version from 2015 (mac). I can open it. But if i add two divided object parts together Affinity Designer freezes. The newest 6. version freezes completely (i have to restart the programm). In the newest Beta Version 7. the document is freezing. I cant move, select or edit layers anymore. I have to close the document and open it again. If i create a new document and draw 2 shapes and divide them and press then add all worked fine. I have attached the file which causes the problem. Pferd.afdesign
  2. Here too. Ive had to refresh the icon on the desktop manually.
  3. 2019-06-05 17-14-05-1.mp4 Thanks! I've recorded this with OBS. The Add Loading screen is endless i think. I aborted it with the Escape button. After this the complete file is useless. I have to close it and open again to work with it. Edit: I've tried the new 1.7 final and it has the problem too.

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