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  1. Hi... wondering if this is just a weird newbie thing: 1. I created an 11"x17" poster in Designer with multiple elements. (i.e vector graphics, placed PNGs, text boxes etc.) This shows as a document with a white background, surrounded by the rest of the interface with a black background. 2. Now I want to experiment with the placement of components on the poster, so I created an artboard with the intention of moving some of the elements of the poster on to the artboard. This has the effect of changing the background of the whole screen to grey, (the pasteboard?) and it creates a blank artboard with a white background. The effect now is that the borders of my original document are no longer visible, and in fact I could move the elements of the poster on the pasteboard itself, (without an artboard at all.....). So, my question is, could someone explain (or point me to an explanation) of the artboards vs. pasteboards, vs. just plain documents..... and advise whether I should be actually doing this in Publisher, and not Designer....and simply create my graphics in Designer but do my document assembly in Publisher. Many thanks!
  2. Hi....just did a quick search on the Serif Plus, but the web pages appear to show a version from 2012 or so, and only for Windows. Are there updated versions? In the meantime, per posts in this thread, I'm using Adobe Capture. (which is a little ironic....since I'm using it to work in Affinity, and avoid CC). Thanks to those who suggested Adobe Capture.
  3. +1 for me. I sort of can't believe this feature wasn't included some time ago.... (thread started in 2014?) I've run into this because I want to place some of my older analog stuff on Society6, and ultimately I want to scale things up. If anyone has alternatives to the Adobe Capture method... I'd love to hear them. Thanks.
  4. Hi...am attaching files. PDF, Jpg, and a screenshot Print.Jpg which shows how it looks on my printer . I note that the printer is a Brother HL-L2370DW series, and under preferences it shows that it is using CUPs as the driver. I'm running on the latest Mac version. Lighthouse Printout - Weird .pdf -- Exported PDF Lighthouse Outline Combined.afdesign
  5. will do.... its on my home machine.... so will submit later today or on the weekend.. Thanks for your note! ---- Larry
  6. Just installed Designer 1.7.1 on my mac with Mojave. Tried to print to my Brother B/W laser printer, and it printed just a series of rectangles with gradients. This shows up like this in the preview as well. A Similar document in Publisher with a version of the same image prints fine. Any ideas here? Thanks.
  7. Hi...Designer Newbie here.... (obviously). I'd like to create a basic footer on a master page in Publisher that includes the document title, (left justified), a page x of y (right justified), and a rule above the text. Something like: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Document Title Page 5 of 9 I've been fiddling with a one line table, and just putting in the text without a table...but how can I get the rule? Or is there a better way altogether to do a footer? Thanks. --- Larry
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