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  1. I replicated it in another one. The process is kind of simple to recreate the bug. 1) Set up two text boxes with Heading 1 and have the text flow between them on the same page. 2) Set earlier than them in the document a ToC. Breaking Units and Taking Turns are on splash pages with the above method. Fields_of_Blood_Shortbow_Edition.afpub
  2. I've been using Publisher for a while, loved it, but I've hit a bit of a bug as I am trying to be a bit more ambitious with some of my layout design... I have multiple text boxes for a Chapter Heading so that I can arrange parts of it on the page how I want. The Automated TOC then does the following with the Heading 1 so it creates two entries, and duplicates part of the Heading 1:
  3. I know those sorts of things exist, I hand around enough artists who for search engine purposes load repetitive tags to the end of their image names. I was looking specifically for a work around in Affinity Publisher.
  4. Because it could be 90+ files and I'm not up for manually renaming those? It would be great to just be able to know if Affinity can do it for me. That's all. Count the pages being exported, then pad zeroes as needed. I'm using Windows.
  5. I am using Affinity to create card games or other cards, and with the way a number of programs and game websites handle file names I was wanting to find a way to force Publisher to add leading zeros so that the files would be listed in the same order regardless of which site or program is looking at them. I couldn't see any settings to let me do that. Current Setup: FileName_1.png, FileName_2.png, FileName_20.png, FileName_21.png, etc What I'd like: FileName_001.png, FileName_002.png,..., FileName_197.png, etc
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