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  1. Well using the canvas to resize the image sounds complicated and It's not very intuitive for me (Affinity Photo). What happens if I wish to print it with a border and for the next print without a border? Do I have to resize the canvas/document every time? In ON1 Photo RAW I simply change the print area in the print dialog box and the app takes care of the resizing (if needed), don't have to deal with canvas, resolution etc (the max. print size in ON1 Photo RAW is the pint area defined by the printer driver). Maybe ON1 Photo RAW 2019 handles files differently but the usability is what really matters.
  2. My suggestion for a future release: It would be very handy if you could add a printing area (length and width), so it would be possible to define an exact area the printer is printing on the selected paper size. It's handy when printing on a paper sheet that should have a white border when placing in a mount. I added a screenshot of my other RAW application ON1 Photo RAW 2019 that has this feature. Thanks & keep up the great work. Claudius
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