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  1. I’m happy to report that the beta version 1.7.0 has solved the issue I was having. So far not a single crash when editing raw files. Also, the app is very responsive on the iPad mini 5. Looking forward to the official release /Steve
  2. Great, I'll try the new beta build as you suggest. Thanks for the quick reply Patrick! /Steve
  3. Hi, I recently purchased Affinity Photo for use on an iPad mini 2019. The app constantly crashes when editing uncompressed RAW files that have been transferred via an SD card/lightning adapter into the Photos app. Steps to reproduce: * import an uncompressed ARW RAW file from the Photos app on iPad * Edit the file in Develop mode * Adjust settings such as Exposure, Clarity or Shadows/Highlights The app dies very frequently as the sliders are adjusted and disappears without any error message on screen. All changes are lost. Specs: * iPad mini 2019 64GB wifi version * IOS 12.2 * Affinity Photo 1.6.12 * Files are uncompressed ARW photos from a Sony A7iii. Hope you can help me resolve this, as I was hoping to use the iPad as my primary editing tool for an upcoming trip. At the moment the app is completely unusable for RAW files with Affinity Photo I can submit Photo*.ips crash dump files if that would help. Thanks /Steve

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