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  1. Many thanks Chris26 - a lifesaver!
  2. Hi Just finished my first Publisher project - 250 pages full of text, photographs and documents - and about to send off to printers. However, when exporting to pdf I get preflight warning about overflowing text frames and missing linked resources or our-of-date items. Is there a way of working out what is missing or overflowing without going through and checking every text box or having to reimpose every images or linked resources. Help! Any advice gratefully received! Otherwise absolutely loving Publisher. Cheers, Ian
  3. Many thanks for your very helpful comments. It all makes sense now!
  4. Hi - since the last upgrade Affinity Publisher files on my iMac files have become smaller once I have made small changes. For example one project was 366MB and is now only 189MB with only minimal changes made. Is this right? Should I worry?