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  1. oh! thx! Will be implemented in the future, not now. I'd like to see the beta
  2. I want to move a master page to a different project file. Since there is no single page export and no import, the main problem is that it is difficult to move pages with guides. I would like to see Export / import of the master page as an alternative method or function in the future. If not possible.
  3. When using arial font in Japanese environment, there is a bug in the font character. There are many bugs. The character conversion of the blank space is different or the character itself is different. Since arial is a system standard font, it cannot be deleted, but it is a font that has problems in the Japanese environment. However, since the default font is arial and the alternative font is automatically converted to arial, there is a big problem other than the appearance of the design. Is it possible to have MSfont as the default font in Japanese environment or to select standard font in afinty designer? It ’s very… I ’m in trouble because I ’m in trouble Even if it is hidden on the windows system, arial can be selected on afinty ...

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