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  1. Unable to export slices to DropBox. Still not fixed on 1.7. I don't like being tied to iCloud. When you export you see the "exporting" message but nothing appears in DropBox.
  2. Can't export slices to DropBox. This is still not fixed on 1.7. I though a big update would have fixed this. I hate being tied to iCloud. Details: when I export to DropBox I get the "Exporting" message but nothing appears on the DropBox side.
  3. Resolved for now. Only export slice to DropBox was not working, seems it's a known issue. Export layer to DropBox works and Export slice to iCloud works which gets me working again. Thanks for the quick support.
  4. Oh ok. I followed the steps above. Thanks for the update by the way, good support, thanks The steps above are working but, I see the message "Exporting slice" but nothing appears in Dropbox. I will use iCloud for now. Thanks Again. Edit: iCloud is working nicely for exporting slices, thanks.
  5. I am unable to export my slices to dropbox or any other file service. It lets me select the export location but no save option ever appears. Checked my other apps and they are all working. I'm a first time user and this was a bit of a shock to have an error like this. Any word on a time frame for a fix? As I have to let my company know if we should go with this product.
  6. Uhhhhh this is a little more than a bug. I bought this yesterday, created some nice art for my game. Can NOT export to any folder. Specifically I use DropBox, not working. But tried all other services and nothing works. It let's me select the export folder but the save option does not appear. I tried procreate, thinking it was me, but that worked flawlessly! This is basically a bricked product. No telling when it may be fixed. This makes for a bad first impression.
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