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  1. Hello @dominik, Thanks for that. Not quite the solution that I was looking for but yes, that would give a finer great of tuning. The text highlight is in Edit Text Style in Character. As shown below. So as you can see with the highlight you can somewhat add more space left and right of the word, you can just can't change the line height of the highlight it seems, other than that workaround you presented. Cheers!
  2. Yup. I want to adjust the way the green appears behind the black text. You see how it currently has too much headroom above the word “Luscious”. Also notice how all green highlight is right on the edge of every first Letter of every line? How do I adjust that?
  3. It’s a styling I’m going for. The highlight will show in the final result as per screenshot below.
  4. @Old Bruce it’s done in a text frame, and the style is tweaked with Highlight on.
  5. Hi everyone! I’m relatively new to Publisher and I am pretty happy that it functions somewhat similar to InDesign, which I’m used to especially the pre-CC versions. So I've been trying to tweak the look of my title below that is in highlighted in green below. Is there any way to customize the highlight’s position in relation to the text currently? I haven’t found any such options or am I missing something? Any help is highly appreciated! Thanks all
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