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  1. I am working with raw (Nikon NEF) images, which I develop using Affinity Photo. The .afphoto files that are created upon saving, are really large, even when I only do minor editings. I have followed some tips from this forum, e.g. setting the document color format to 16 or even 8 bit RGB, then rasterizing the pixel layers again. This helps for all HDR merges (I usually use 3 NEF raw images for a HDR merge), the file size is reduced from 350MB down to about 40MB (using 8 bit RGB document color format). But when I develop a single NEF raw image, the file sie is stying with 300MB and is even increasing with each file save. I have some, that are 500 MB. I must be missing something very essential, can anyone give me a clue on what I am doing wrong when developing a single NEF image? Handling such large files is extremely unhandy, because i am storing all my work in cloud storage. And uploading/downloading such monsters is not so nice. Here is an example of a NEF and the resulting .afphoto: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhKM_ZAVkY67hrl4P1lP49trCDNNfA https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhKM_ZAVkY67hrl5sOaRjO4at558bQ I also attached my settings, when developing the raw image. Setting the output format to 16 bit does not make any difference. Thank you!
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