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  1. Hi Sean P, No I made them in designer. Did not import anything. The mitre value was set by the app. What is the mitre value? Best peter
  2. I have no idea what the mitre setting does. And I don’t think I would have found out this problem myself. I haven’t adjusted it myself. The value must have been set by default. But since it creates this problem when exporting to pdf I must ask if it is necessary with default values bellow 1?
  3. Great! It did. Thanks. What kind of setting is it? I don’t see any changes when adjusting that.
  4. These curves can not be exported as pdf’s. I suppose that is some kind of a bug. curves_not_possible_to_export_as_pdf.afdesign
  5. Hi again, Those curves are quite important to my image. But it seems impossible to export them as pdf. I have tried to remake them in different ways to see if it would be possible but still no success. I have now removed everything but these curves and they seem to be impossible to export. Very strange indeed! Any suggestions? curves_not_possible_to_export_as_pdf.afdesign
  6. Thanks for helping me find that! Yes, that seems very strange! I guess it’s some kind of a bug.
  7. Thank you for the suggestion. However reducing the size by 50% didn’t make any change. I have an iPad Pro 11”, 512 GB. Here you have the file. Kattegatt_Copy_Copy.afdesign
  8. Hi Stokerg, I have have now restarted my iPad but it didn’t help. The dimensions are 2182,7pt X 3174,8pt.
  9. Hi, I’m trying to export my work in designer for iPad as pdf. But it does not work. The wheel at “Generating export...” never ends spinning and no pdf is generated. Why is nothing happening? Best regards Peter
  10. Hi, I’m trying to stitch together several overlaping screendumps to a panorama but it dosen’t work. The preview area also remains black eventhoug it semester like it is processing. Should it work or am I trying something that will not work? Kind regards PR
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