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  1. Hi, I have a little Problem with Affinity Photo. I think the solution is simple but I can´t find it or understand it (not in the workbook, tutorial ?? where to find ? ) 1. I make a screenshot with the print key.on the keyboard. 2. Next I paste the screenshot created by Windows into Affinity Photo 3. Now I only need some parts of the screenshot. I want to make a rectangular selection and copy this part into i.E. word or another software. 4. Because the colors are very similiar (another Tools won´t work properly) , it is the easiest way to use a rectangular selection. Every time when I try to copy and paste the rectangualar selection it will always paste the whole screenshot. The rectangular selection isn´t copied at all. Is there any way to make a quick selection and copy this part of a picture into another software? At the moment I have to create layers and a background, next save this part of the screenshot, load it into another software. This Costs a lot of time. I don´t need to save these pictures on the harddrive. How can I do this in a quicker way? Is there any clue ? Regards, timbojones
  2. Thanks a lot for this hint. That´s what I am looking for. Problem solved When you switch to Affinity Photo it is sometimes a little bit tricky to find the suitable solution. I am using the Serif Plus Products for many years now. The Help-Files were perfect. The Help files from the Affinity Suite are sometimes strange. I.e. look at https://affinity.help/photo/en-US.lproj/pages/Layers/aboutLayers.html and click on Pixel layer. You are redirected to Create Layers. That´s not a real real help for understanding the difference between pixel layers and Image layers. The only hint I coud find is right there https://affinity.help/photo/en-US.lproj/pages/GetStarted/placeImages.html. Thanks to all others for the links to specialized Software. On your home computer this is a good solution too but think about security restrictions in companies. There you often can´t install or use another software. You have to do your work with the Software you have. But at all the Affinity Suite is really good. Regards, timbojones

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