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  1. I am able to save an image in grayscale (.TIF) format in Adobe Photoshop. Then place it into InDesign and change the color to any spot color by selecting the image with the Direct Selection Tool. Is that action possible with Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher? I have attempted to duplicate the action, and it does not seem to work. Thank you!
  2. Please include the native ability to print spot color separations straight from Affinity Publisher as is possible with InDesign. Without that feature, I really have no need to switch from InDesign. I quit using QuarkExpress when they dropped the ability to print seps from application. Otherwise, I would have to export a PDF and place it back in [[[[ INDESIGN]]] to print to my poly plate printer!!! Why bother with having to perform the extra step, and STILL rely on InDesign? Thank you (see screen shot)