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  1. Chris Rivers

    Exported images look dull

    Yeah, I found the cause of the issue. For some reason for some of the images, the colour profile was set to my printer\scanner. I changed it back to sRGB (the bottom profile) and now it exports okay.
  2. I have created some images in Affinity Designer, latest version, which look fine in the application. However, two out of the six or seven I have done recently, when I export them to PNG, JPG and other formats, they look washed out and dull. I copied the exported files to my laptop and they look dull there too. I installed Designer on the laptop, and the original Designer file looks okay. If I export it there, it still looks dull. I have attached the original file and a screen capture of what the exported file looks like. Thursday PM-selected.zip
  3. Chris Rivers

    Affinity Photo Random Crashes

    Addition: I uses Affinity Photo on my desktop without the tablet plugged in. however, after 1.5 hours, I got the same issue. 5690cc61-1c71-406a-8cc9-262d34cc584f.dmp
  4. Hi, I'm musing Affinity Photo on Windows 7, (fully updated with patches etc) with 16GB of RAM. Affinity Photo is the latest version Photo randomly crashes when working on my files. The files are only about 3MB in size so not large and are my own artwork not a photos. Sometimes I can work for an hour or so before a crash, but then get two or more crashes within five minutes. I have received crashes when painting with a brush, using Ctrl scroll wheel to zoom in out out, using Space and drag to move the picture around and when I wasn't doing anything. When it crashes, I get an un-handled exception then the Affinity windows asking for details and email address. There are no errors in the system or application event logs or in the CrashReports folder in AppData. I can re-create the error by just using the software, but there is no specific steps I do that causes the crash. I have put Affinity Photo on my work Lenovo laptop (Windows 10, i7 with 8GB RAM), and that also has the same issue. I use a Wacom PS CTL-480 tablet on both the desktop and laptop with the latest drivers. This might be the issue, but the tablet works with no error in Photoshop CS4 (which I would like to get away from using). I would love to get to the bottom of this as at the moment I have to save every 30 to 60 seconds as I never know when it will crash. Chris

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